Seeing Our Wild.


Mysteries of Wolf and Moon fill our imaginations with many ideas. Speculations as to why Wolves are connected to the Moon stem from a few different stories. Since wolves are nocturnal creatures, they are often associated with fearful things. It is a tendency of many to be afraid of the darkness- our darkness, and see it as something to run from.

As we dive deeper into the Mysterious of Wolf and Woman, we see that there are many different stories, each with their own Truth; each with their own Deception. When we look at Wolf and Woman, we quickly are led to the Moon, as both seem to have an affinity for the Light of Darkness. As the Moon waxes and wanes, so does a Woman’s body. And so do the tides of Life. We think of a Woman and her own internal tides. The tide of her own personal Moon.

With Wolf, we come to the many fearful stories of a Full Moon and a Wolf. We are reminded of a person shape-shifting into a monster, ready to tear us apart. We think of “Little Red Riding Hood,” and her infamous terrible friend in the Forest, and of our Grandmother who never had a chance.

But Wolves don’t eat our Grandmothers (though perhaps they do shape-shift), and they do not howl specifically “at the Moon.” They howl to communicate. They speak to one another to create a deeper bond, just as a family would. They also howl to warn others in the pack or to ward off possible threats, such as a foreign pack member.

But we aren’t told this as children. We are taught to fear Wolves, and to run from them. We are taught to be afraid of all things with a connection to the Night- a connection to our Shadow Selves.

And as Women, some of us were taught to be ashamed of our Moon, and of our own personal Tides. To be afraid of our voices and the power that comes with them.

Yet the silent time is coming to an end. Women must no longer be afraid, and we must start replacing fiction with Truth. Our Truth.

As we embrace the Mystery within us, we will start seeing our Wild.

~ Amy Jones


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