Be Nothing.

Be fierce. Be a warrior. Be a woman. Be a man. Lighten up, soften. Be strong, be courageous! Be quiet. Look pretty. Stand up straight. Don’t slouch. Do this, do that. Be nice, be a good girl. Don’t tease, just laugh. Be happy and don’t complain! Be it all! Be a Mother. Be a Daughter. […]

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I See You.

Oh Woman! Oh Woman I have found you! You speak to beasts and tame them. You speak to men and bring them to their knees. Your eyes cast out to the distance. Your gaze holds each one true. I see you. I see You!Hold my babe in your arms. Let down my hair.Move my hips. […]

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Gather the Wolves.

Sister come with me. It is time for our Descent. It is time to be reborn; resurrected with the Dawn. In song and praise. In Love and Light. Sister come with me. Innana has called. “Gather the Wolves,” She says. “It is time.” ~ Amy Jones

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YOU are Wild.

“Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?” What do Wolves evoke in you? What do they represent to you? Sister, did you not know that Wolf and Dog share nearly the exact same DNA? An animal chooses to be domesticated. We do not force them to be so. There exists a trust, a bond and […]

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Between the Red.

Torn far from her beginnings, the moon was once earth, a daughter whose leaving broke land to pieces. Here is the scar of rupture, this ocean of ancient rain that still rises and falls with the moon’s turning dance around her mother. This is what it means to be mother and child, to wear the […]

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