dreaming, I dream of you in fallen leaves and simple things that linger on my tongue.

remembering, I remember you in memories that slip my mind and turn into dreams smiling, I smile at you in my heart in my heart I smile at you I thought of you and Heaven and I thought that Heaven was You. I woke to a setting sun “Sweet One,” it said, Why are you disappearing under the water….?” So I may be Reborn.
~Amy Jones

The Adorned One.


I lit my candle
And bowed to Her.
I danced my power
And my pain.
I was bleeding,
My potency
Like soft fire.
The Moon was almost new.
I cried for the lover I lost,
And for the lover I gained.
I let go,
And surrendered them both to Her.
It is not up to me to decide.
I placed the Moon in my pelvis
And drank in the darkness of my room.
I was glad to be alone with my Lady.
I gazed at the sky
And set intentions to thrive.
My breasts undulated
As I danced.
Harder and harder.
Softer and softer.
I could feel blood dripping down my legs.
“The wolves have gathered,” She said.
“It is time.”

~ From The Blue Oracle and The Cave of Woes by Amy Jones



On the Grief of Letting Go…

I walk
I walked as a Warrior, once.
Now I walk alone.
So quick to light the Fire.
So quick to watch it burn.
“Hurt! Hurt!” I scream.
I want to feel
No More.
How many days of burning?
How many days?

We all turn to Ash.
We all let go.
Yet when I remain in this place~
This place of pain
I know so well,
Now Spirit says
“Do Nothing.”

I hold my Heart.
I want to know why.
There are a 1,000 whys.
There are a 1,000 whys.
When we know no better,
We come from pain.

And Truth will set us Free.

I bow to you,
My Life.
The Greatest Teacher of Sorrow.

~Amy Jones



I thought. I thought to look into his eyes, but alas, he bowed to me and I reached out my hand to touch him. I sat beside him and we laughed. We laughed and said it had been years since we had seen each other; yet, when I looked down upon my hands, they were tiny and I was small. And that Wolf, he was so big, so safe… And it was then that I realized that I had grown into a Woman. I had grown, and he had traveled alongside me the entire time.

~ Amy Jones

A Life Worth Living.


What will I weave into this Life that has been given to me? This Life that I have chosen?

I thread the needle with time, adding color and pain, pleasure and grief, for pattern. I push the needle through the fabric of Love and circumstance, finally understanding what it means when they say it was “not the right time…” I look to see the Loom that has chosen me to weave my Story, my Journey. I see She is ancient and wise. I see She is patient.

Now it is clear that a Life so delicate will move and dance, undulating through the dimensions of change. Yet, what stands the test of Truth is the tempered pieces, the scars of the Night, if you will, that remain once the morning light shines upon the Heart. The places, the people, the Love… The LOVE!! that remains after my web has been broken…This! This is what I am weaving!

I am weaving a Life worth living.

~ Amy Jones