The Adorned One.


I lit my candle
And bowed to Her.
I danced my power
And my pain.
I was bleeding,
My potency
Like soft fire.
The Moon was almost new.
I cried for the lover I lost,
And for the lover I gained.
I let go,
And surrendered them both to Her.
It is not up to me to decide.
I placed the Moon in my pelvis
And drank in the darkness of my room.
I was glad to be alone with my Lady.
I gazed at the sky
And set intentions to thrive.
My breasts undulated
As I danced.
Harder and harder.
Softer and softer.
I could feel blood dripping down my legs.
“The wolves have gathered,” She said.
“It is time.”

~ From The Blue Oracle and The Cave of Woes by Amy Jones


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