Laughter of The Gods.

Lately, I’ve been contemplating what I call “The Divine Paradox.” These days, I often refer to it as “The Divine Joke,” as I imagine Spirit laughing at our puzzled faces upon realizing the greatest knowledge in the world.

Here’s how it all began…

I was sitting with a dear Sister of mine, when our conversation casually led to talking about our Mothers- hers in particular. She started to list qualities about her Mom that were less than favorable; qualities that one might place under the category of what makes a parent “not-so-good.” This is a common practice of many.

As if struck by lightening, I was hit by a bolt of question/ clarity content. I laughed and responded to my friend with wide eyes…

“It must be some sort of Divine Paradox, or perhaps a Divine Joke, that Spirit is playing on us where we feel our parents, and in particular our Mothers, must be perfect. And if they are not, we are quick to drag them to the fire. Isn’t it strange that if you were speaking to me of the shortcomings of a friend, you would adjust your behavior with this person by laughing off their flaws, creating a new boundary with them, letting go of your expectations, or maybe even cutting the cord. If you were okay with their behavior, you might even just let it go, and love and accept them just the way they are. Yet, in this case, as we sit and talk about these Women, we will not tolerate anything but perfection. And since, in the eyes of the Ego, this will never be, they must be terrible at what they are- they must be terrible Mothers.”

We both sat there puzzled and without answers. When I left, the nagging desire to answer this question burned in my Heart. “What is the role of the parent? How as children- and we are ALL children of Parents, how should we view our parents? How should they view us?”

Spirit had A LOT of explaining to do, as far as I was concerned!

In my own journey with my Parents, I had experienced ebbs and flows that I felt were repetitive and going nowhere. The story, MY Story, had become a hamster in the wheel that was never going to stop. I needed help.

About a week after this conversation took place, I received a book from and by a wonderful woman named Dea Smith entitled “Pigments of My Imagination.” (Fantastic quick read, I might add!) Imagine my surprise when I started reading it and realized it was mostly about her healing journey with (drum roll please)…. HER MOTHER!

And so I kept reading, drinking up everything the book had to say. And there it was. In the middle of the book in bold print. The answer to my burning questions. Spirit spoke to her, and this is what It said:

“There are no mothers and fathers, only brothers and sisters. If you seek unconditional love, turn to Me.”

BAM! There it was, there it is! There is so much in this simple statement. There is soooo much here. I haven’t even begun to fully process the magnitude of what this even means, but I do know that after reading this, I felt a burden lift off of my shoulders, slide down back and sink deep into the Earth. I felt the Mother take it, and I feel my Self transforming it. And I felt the urge to share. If felt more important than anything to share this statement with all of you.

The Course in Miracles states, “Do not forget that your healing is all this world is for.”

We are in this together, we will do this together. One by one, Sister to Sister, Sister to Brother, Daughter to Mother, Son to Father, Brother to Mother, Daughter to Father. We will do this together. We are all doing this NOW.

Blessings, Dear Ones.

~ Amy Jones

Be Still.

Nature, in its magnificent existence, is a perfect balance between two (or more) elements. The Light and the Dark. The Yin and the Yang. The Sun and the Moon. The Masculine and the Feminine. Both of these Polarities are important. Both are necessary for us, as humans, Being, to fully expand into our depths of enlightenment and consciousness.

The breath where Spirit lives, the Neutral space, this is where we seek to return. This is what we call “Home.” It is in this dimension, this energy, where we feel complete, or Full, like the Moon.

What we forget, and why we ache in our Hearts and yearn to go “Home” in the first place, is that we ARE Home. Willing ourselves to have an experience does not separate us from our Creators. It does not diminish our existence. On the contrary, it makes us Evolutionary!!! Our experiences expand the God-Head.

We are born of Divine Magic. We are born of Love and Curiosity. These are our ingredients. Let us taste the Whole of Life when we mix all of this together. Let us help each other to remember this when we are yearning to be Home.

~ Amy Jones

“Be still, and know that I AM.”

The Beasts Have Risen.

Sister of the Dance
Sister of The Dance.
Dance for me.
Dance for me.

Play the flute
and blow the horn.
The time is Now.
The time,

Gather the Ones,
gather them now,
for She has come.
For She
is Now.

I hear them drumming in the distance,
I hear them calling;
like Wolves.

The Beasts of the Forest have risen.
The Beasts of the Women
have risen.

They have gathered.
They are dancing.
They are calling you
to join.

~ Amy Jones

Paintings on Life.

Red Dawn

Guide me to
The wonder
Land of ubiquitous
That never finished
Or completing

The weaver
Left the loom
And bright colors
Began to drip
Down the canvass
Of time

I spread his chest
With the promise
Of love
And left him there
To believe in
Yet still
I left

And he remained
And I couldn’t switch
The hands of the clock
To return to the place
Where I loved him

At last
I picked up the needle
To continue to sew
My heart
Back together
With the memories
Of gods

And demons
To be stitched
Into the fabric
Of my life
Yet this time
This One
I chose
To leave
Them out

~ Amy Jones

Sacred Woman.

Her name was Mary Magdalene
They said she was a whore
But I believe
I do declare
That She was something

A Raven upon Her shoulder
And Magic in Her Hand
She danced upon the Moon
And stood out
In every land

But some feared Her glance
And many forbade Her
To Dance
They chased Her
And Her Daughter
Until She hid
In France

But Magic is never lost
Neither is authentic Story
For Mary is in Every Woman
She is in all
Our Glory

~ Amy Jones

The Gift.

These are good hands.

These hands have held babies
and washed them after birth.

These hands have held dying grandparents
and washed them after death.

These hands have caressed a Lover,
and traced the shape of their lips.

These are good hands.
These are good hands.

These hands have cradled the sick,
whether in Heart or Body.

These hands have clung to dreams,
even when they were nightmares.

These hands have tickled water
and have been immersed in oceans.

These are good hands.
These are good hands.

These hands have loved the Wild,
from Dragonfly to Wolf.

These hands have been quick with movement,
even when they should have been still.

These hands have held me deeply,
when I’ve had nothing else to feel.

These are good hands.
These are good hands.

Yes, indeed.

These are Great hands.

~ Amy Jones

Perhaps you fear.


Dark Sister
Beautiful Sister
Perhaps you fear the Night.
Do not be afraid.
Do not be unwilling to see a mirror in the Dark.
It is only You.
I AM only You.

From Death
Comes the Spring.
From Death
Comes Life.
I have walked a thousand times
Around this Moon.
I shall walk a thousand more.

From the roots
From the fertile soil
We are born.
What do you see
When you look for Me?

What do you see,
When you look
Into Darkness?

~ Amy Jones

A Song.

Given this life,
I will dance.

Given this life,
I will dance.

I will make tears
into rain.

Darkness will be my friend.
Because given this life,
I will dance.

I will string honey
from tops of trees
to the Moon.

I will sprinkle salt
upon the Earth
and call it snowflakes.

I will sing to birds
and spread wings to soar.
Because given this life,
I will dance.

And when the sun sets,
as it will,
As it always does,

I will take the stones of pain with me.
The pieces that hardened over time.
I will take them
and turn them into music.

Because given this life,
I will dance.

~ Amy Jones