Laughter of The Gods.

Lately, I’ve been contemplating what I call “The Divine Paradox.” These days, I often refer to it as “The Divine Joke,” as I imagine Spirit laughing at our puzzled faces upon realizing the greatest knowledge in the world. Here’s how it all began… I was sitting with a dear Sister of mine, when our conversation […]

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Be Still.

Nature, in its magnificent existence, is a perfect balance between two (or more) elements. The Light and the Dark. The Yin and the Yang. The Sun and the Moon. The Masculine and the Feminine. Both of these Polarities are important. Both are necessary for us, as humans, Being, to fully expand into our depths of […]

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The Beasts Have Risen.

Sister of the Dance Sister of The Dance. Dance for me. Dance for me. Play the flute and blow the horn. The time is Now. The time, is NOW. Gather the Ones, gather them now, for She has come. For She is Now. I hear them drumming in the distance, I hear them calling; howling, […]

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Paintings on Life.

Red Dawn Guide me to The wonder Land of ubiquitous Dreams That never finished Unraveling Or completing Themselves The weaver Left the loom And bright colors Began to drip Down the canvass Of time I spread his chest Open With the promise Of love And left him there To believe in Me Yet still I […]

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Mother’s Milk Submissions

Sister, It is with sheer pleasure that we now emerge from the Darkness into the Light. Welcome Spring! *THIS IS A CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS!* As women, it is necessary that we have times of silence, as well as times of solitude. It is important to our very essence to nurture our core. During the time […]

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Mother’s Milk.

Mother. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Behold, I Am You. Mother’s Milk. When a Mama Wolf gives birth, it is the commitment of the entire pack to work together to feed and nurture the young. This not only ensures the packs survival, it also creates a strong bond that ripples out into the entire Wolf Family, regardless […]

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Sacred Woman.

Her name was Mary Magdalene They said she was a whore But I believe I do declare That She was something More A Raven upon Her shoulder And Magic in Her Hand She danced upon the Moon And stood out In every land But some feared Her glance And many forbade Her To Dance They […]

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