Mother’s Milk Submissions


It is with sheer pleasure that we now emerge from the Darkness into the Light. Welcome Spring!


As women, it is necessary that we have times of silence, as well as times of solitude. It is important to our very essence to nurture our core. During the time of Winter, we are offered a sacred pause where we are able to reflect on Death and letting go. Though surrendering may often come with grief, it is within this beautiful process of diving inward that we are able to reflect so we may Rebirth in the Spring.
This time of year usually evokes the desire to birth anew: new leaves, new growth, new life, new beginnings. What resonated more than anything to us about Spring, was when we learned about how Wolves work together in order to ensure the survival of their young. Since it is during these months- March and April, that Wolves give birth to their pups, we thought it a brilliant idea to open the forum for submissions from our Sisters.
Here’s more…
Wolves are family oriented, so it is the commitment of the entire pack to ensure the safety and survival of the young. This brings us to a place of deep understanding on how important those first months are to a Mama and her newborn. Because the whole pack will assist in the raising of the pups- in fact, even non-breeding females will produce milk for the littles, this means that all of the family’s love is fed to the babes from the moment they are born.
This got us thinking….
What did our Mothers feed us? How were we nurtured in our pack? What were some of the ideas, beliefs, joys, limitations, etc., that were fed to us as we nursed on our Mother’s Milk? What was passed onto us from our family?
We are opening up the platform for all women to share their stories of Mother’s Milk. These can be stories of success or sadness, joy or grief; we are seeking all sorts of submissions to be posted on our Facebook page throughout the month of May. WE WELCOME YOU TO SHARE YOUR STORY OF GIVING MOTHER’S MILK AS WELL, WE JUST ASK THAT YOU LINK IT BACK TO YOUR OWN MOTHER/PACK. 
Submissions are open to any stories about the person or people who raised you, and your reflection on that today.



As we weave a web of connection from woman to woman, we bring our pack together. We bear witness and hold space for each others journey. As we share, we open a platform for conscious mothering, as well as a way to nurture in ways our mothers and villages perhaps were unable to do.


PLEASE NOTE: Though we would love to post all submissions, we will only be posting for this particular topic during the month of May. That being said, we will do our best to pick and choose as carefully as possible. It is not required that you use your name, or the name of anyone else. If you feel more comfortable being anonymous, that is fine. Since these are volunteered submissions, we are only posting on FB. If you do want to include your name and a link to your blog or site, please feel free to do so. We do not need a bio.

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