Mother’s Milk.






Behold, I Am You.

Mother’s Milk.

When a Mama Wolf gives birth, it is the commitment of the entire pack to work together to feed and nurture the young. This not only ensures the packs survival, it also creates a strong bond that ripples out into the entire Wolf Family, regardless of pack. It is said that when a Wolf pup dies, the Mama will bury her baby, and the entire pack will mourn as deeply as a human family would. This is the love of Mother’s Milk that is fed to the pups from the moment they are born; the love of an entire family.

What was your Mother’s Milk?

What did your Mothers feed you? How did they nurture you? Your pack, how did they love and support you? Were you surrounded in love and light? Did your family work together, like the Wolves do, ensuring the safety and survival of you as a young one? What were some of the beliefs, patterns, limitations and expansions that were fed to you as you nursed on your Mother’s breast?

Share with us. Journey with us.

We will bear witness to You.


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