Be Still.


Nature, in its magnificent existence, is a perfect balance between two (or more) elements. The Light and the Dark. The Yin and the Yang. The Sun and the Moon. The Masculine and the Feminine. Both of these Polarities are important. Both are necessary for us, as humans, Being, to fully expand into our depths of enlightenment and consciousness.

The breath where Spirit lives, the Neutral space, this is where we seek to return. This is what we call “Home.” It is in this dimension, this energy, where we feel complete, or Full, like the Moon.

What we forget, and why we ache in our Hearts and yearn to go “Home” in the first place, is that we ARE Home. Willing ourselves to have an experience does not separate us from our Creators. It does not diminish our existence. On the contrary, it makes us Evolutionary!!! Our experiences expand the God-Head.

We are born of Divine Magic. We are born of Love and Curiosity. These are our ingredients. Let us taste the Whole of Life when we mix all of this together. Let us help each other to remember this when we are yearning to be Home.

~ Amy Jones

“Be still, and know that I AM.”


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