The Dance.

Hecate 21 questions drip from my tongue, The first is about love. “Does it hurt?” I ask the old crone. She laughs, And spits blood in my hand. “Swallow this, and tell me what you dream…” I dance upon a rock, On the shore, My dress is black And blows in the wind. I see […]

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The Gift.

These are good hands. These hands have held babies and washed them after birth. These hands have held dying grandparents and washed them after death. These hands have caressed a Lover, and traced the shape of their lips. These are good hands. These are good hands. These hands have cradled the sick, whether in Heart […]

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Perhaps you fear.

Lilith Dark Sister Beautiful Sister Perhaps you fear the Night. Do not be afraid. Do not be unwilling to see a mirror in the Dark. It is only You. I AM only You. From Death Comes the Spring. From Death Comes Life. I have walked a thousand times Around this Moon. I shall walk a […]

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A Song.

Given this life, I will dance. Given this life, I will dance. I will make tears into rain. Darkness will be my friend. Because given this life, I will dance. I will string honey from tops of trees to the Moon. I will sprinkle salt upon the Earth and call it snowflakes. I will sing […]

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A Prayer.

And it was there that I knew. In the circle with my Sisters. In the middle of the Dance. Life is Love. Life is movement. So Love must be movement. Nothing will remain the same. Even my Dance will change. ~Amy Jones

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