Song of Freedom.

I, too, have visions of you. I walk alone in the Desert, Thinking of a time now gone from my grasp. A dream, That may be nothing more, For I feel those slipping from my hands as well. My Heart longs for freedom. But this, I find, is only in the smiles of the ones […]

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City Spirit

To our Sisters in the city, the ones who are working on their healing; to those of you who are healing others, we bless you. We thank you for doing the work in the places where buildings replace trees; power lines replace eagles, and pollution replaces clouds. Thank you for doing the work of Spirit. […]

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Lasso the Moon

I tried to lasso the Moon. I tried to grasp it with my Dreams, in hopes of a better life. I could only reach one fraction of a side. I could never do this alone. Never. I became frazzled, scrambling to grab more rope. Scrambling to catch all my Dreams before they floated away To […]

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