Lasso the Moon


I tried to lasso the Moon.

I tried to grasp it with my Dreams,

in hopes of a better life.

I could only reach one fraction of a side.

I could never do this alone.


I became frazzled,


to grab more rope.

Scrambling to catch all my Dreams

before they floated away

To become Stars and Twinkles

in the Night Sky.

And then I bumped into something.

No, Some One;

and I realized there were many.

“Many what?”

I asked.

“Women,” the Voice said.

“Sisters among Strangers, lassoing Dreams, just like You.”

And I looked around,

and this time,

my Eyes could See.

And I realized we could work together,

each one of us,

And we could all help to lasso

each Other’s Dreams.

So I bent down to grab a rope

and jump right in,

and I was greeted with a Smile

and a Heart- felt ‘Thank You.’

And I looked up at the Moon,

I looked around at the Goddess,

for She was Everywhere,

and I thanked Her

for giving me Life.

I thanked Her

For giving me something to believe in.

I thanked Her

for giving me Dreams

to share

With my Sisters.

~ Amy Jones


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