Salt of the Earth.

mother’s milk my mother is in me in the way i move my body in how i let down my hair she is the pause between each breath she is the unwhispered name that rolls off my tongue in every thing i do my mother is within me when my feet touch the earth the […]

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The Strongest Woman.

I didn’t realize I was capable of all those things. I was always so afraid; so broken. I had no idea of the Strength that resided Within. It wasn’t until I had to learn. I had to take that leap. I had to let go. There was nothing else I could do.And that’s when I […]

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The Unknown.

Spirit~ Speak to Us of Solitude… There is nothing like being alone. Most people associate this with loneliness, yet they are not the same. To be alone, is to be totally encompassed with Divine Love and to have an awareness of All That Is, even when no other person is around. To be lonely is […]

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How do You see Me?

How do You see Me? Mother, how do you see me? Am I another you? Am I someone to my Self? How do you see me? If I fall and fail, if I live and learn, how will you see me? In Love, I may make mistakes. In Life, I may make mistakes. How will […]

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