Sweet Mystery. Let me bask in your Light. Let me be at Peace with what is Unknown. Pull back the curtain of Time and allow. Allow for the Nothingness that is Pure Potency. I Am a blank slate- the Great Creator’s Canvas. I Am Birth. I Am Death. I Am Everything in Between. In this- and only this, is My Truth. I Am the One with A Thousand Names.

~ Amy Jones

(painting-artist unknown)

June Bloom.

Greetings Sister!
When was the last time you PLAYED?
Lately I’ve been musing on the rhythms of children and the gift that adolescence brings. Children are a great reminder of the importance of play- something that we forget about when we decide to grow “up.”
What I’ve been meditating on most, is how children access their most primal ways of releasing their emotions when the situation calls for it, especially in play. I’m reminded of a recent trip to the beach, and what I witnessed while watching the kids interacting. For example, the little boy and girl who screamed out in excitement each time they got splashed by a wave; the small boy who ran around laughing as he dodged the water that seemed destined to kiss his feet, and the little who let out a big cry because she was scared when her mother took her into the ocean.
Children really know how to move emotion!
But for some reason, these primal responses, along with play, are what diminish as we become adults.
We forget that it is important to cry and laugh and run and scream. It is important to PLAY!! In fact, it is HEALTHY to do all of these things, for it is the way our Nervous System comes back into balance, and how our bodies find homeostasis. These instincts and actions are EXACTLY what our Nervous System was built for. WE NEED RELEASE!!

Our Children

Our children are like flowers to us.
Each one different.
Each one beautiful.
Each one growing strong with us.

Our children are like stars to us.
Each one sparkles.
Each one moves through the universe.
Each one closer to the heart of us.

Our children are like life to us.
Each one precious.
Each one unpredictable.
Each one having to let go of us.

~ Nancy Wood

So! Get out there and PLAY! Go laugh and dance and scream and cry. Get in touch with your Child. Go now, Sister, and reclaim your Wild.
Your health depends on it.
We Love You.
The WAW Pack
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