Sweet Mystery. Let me bask in your Light. Let me be at Peace with what is Unknown. Pull back the curtain of Time and allow. Allow for the Nothingness that is Pure Potency. I Am a blank slate- the Great Creator’s Canvas. I Am Birth. I Am Death. I Am Everything in Between. In this- […]

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A Morning Blessing

Dear Sister ~ Greetings on this Summer Solstice~ the longest day of the year. This is a day when our Sun seems to stand Still in the middle of the sky, offering us plenty of Time. Standing Still is a Blessing. We move quickly. We move without purpose. Until, one day, we awaken to the […]

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June Bloom.

Greetings Sister! When was the last time you PLAYED? Lately I’ve been musing on the rhythms of children and the gift that adolescence brings. Children are a great reminder of the importance of play- something that we forget about when we decide to grow “up.” What I’ve been meditating on most, is how children access […]

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