Pause and Paws.

Greetings Sister~ WAW recently posted a quote on Instagram that had such a profound resonance with me that it became the basis for what I want to share today: “The psyches and souls of women also have their own cycles and seasons of doing and solitude, running and staying, being involved and being removed, questing […]

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Shedding Skin.

As a Woman, I have known both pleasure and pain. As a human, I have known these feelings as well. What is the difference? One allows me to bleed and let go. The other, buries things inside. ~ Amy Jones (c)

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Little Wolves

Blessings, Sister! And Welcome New Moon in Cancer! For those of you who follow WAW on Twitter, FB and Instagram, you may have seen that I had the pleasure of meeting with Project Wildsong’s Executive Director Kimmi Kraus this past weekend. To say that I had a good time would be the biggest understatement of […]

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The Giving Tree

It is said that we destroy what we most fear. This can be a friendship, a career, a home, even Love. Though we tell ourselves we want these “things,” it is often what we wreak havoc on. Not on purpose. And not because we mean to. It is simply because we are scared. Scared of […]

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The Pleasure of All

Sister ~ Blessings on this Capricorn Full Moon and the First Day of July! We are here to Celebrate with you, and to ask the question that comes up for us this time of year…. How do you Pleasure your Self? As we dive deeper into the Realm of Summer, we move more into the […]

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