The Pleasure of All

Sister ~
Blessings on this Capricorn Full Moon and the First Day of July!
We are here to Celebrate with you, and to ask the question that comes up for us this time of year….
How do you Pleasure your Self?
As we dive deeper into the Realm of Summer, we move more into the explorations of the Outer World. Nature, in all Her glory, reminds us that it is time to PLAY! And play hard, we do.
Summer is for exploring the water, the woods, the beaches… the OUTDOORS! But let us not forget that Summer is also for exploring the Wilderness and the Wild Within!
Summer is for PLEASURE, and it’s all about YOU!


So- how do you Pleasure your Self?
Let’s start with some basics:
Since July is the 7th month of the year, start by picking 7 areas of pleasure that you can commit to throughout the month.
Here are some ideas:
1. The Map of Me- Take a blank piece of paper and a colored pencil or pen. Draw a picture of your Self- naked. (Don’t worry about your drawing skills, this is supposed to be fun!) Now, take some other colors and circle areas on your body that you would love to explore more. For example, say you never pay attention to your legs. You just use them, but you never think of them. How can you show them more pleasure? A nice foot- rub before bed, that leads up to your thighs? A soak in a tub with petals and salts? The possibilities are endless! Circle as many or as few parts as you care to, using this exercise of self- exploration throughout the month.
2. Go for a walk in- Silence. No phone. No music. No distractions. Just you and the Earth. Notice the delight in being with your Self. Remember this.
3. Make some SUN TEA! This is a favorite over at WAW. We love to conserve as many resources as possible, and we LOVE tea, so this is a win-win situation! Pay attention to how your body responds after taking your first sip. YUM!
4. Explore the Element of Water. There is nothing more pleasurable than cool Water on a hot day! Drink it, splash it, conserve it, share it- just explore it! Welcome womb- time!
5. Draw, Paint or Write. Really explore YOU. Take some time to let creativity flow, and learn to allow your Self the pleasure of non- judgement. Oooohhh. How does this feel?
6. Dance. No- let me say this again… DANCE! Move your Body! Get to know Her. What does She like? How does She move? HOW DOES SHE MOOOOVE?!?! Put on some music and dance alone in your home. Go outside and dance from dusk till darkness, and keep dancing till the Sun rises again! Grab some Sisters and get on it…. just DANCE!
7. Read. A. Book. Not your ipad or your phone or a screen, but an actual book. Hold it in your hands. Cherish it. Fall in love with it. Write in it. Draw in it. Take notes. Jot ideas down. Create a relationship with another world that comes from a book. You won’t regret it!
Now, go on and explore your Self!
Have a month full of Pleasure. Have a Summer full of Pleasure. Have a Life full of Pleasure!
Then come back and tell us all about it!
We Love You.
The WAW Pack

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Woman As Wolf is dedicated to preserving the Wild.



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