Little Wolves

Blessings, Sister!
And Welcome New Moon in Cancer!
For those of you who follow WAW on Twitter, FB and Instagram, you may have seen that I had the pleasure of meeting with Project Wildsong’s Executive Director Kimmi Kraus this past weekend. To say that I had a good time would be the biggest understatement of the year. Not only was Kimmi absolutely awesome (and full of information), she brought with her “Ambassador in Training” Fell, an 8 week old Wolfdog hybrid, to our meeting.

What caused me to reach out to Kimmi in the first place was a desire to connect with an organization that I felt was in alignment with WAW. After meeting with Kimmi, I left feeling welcomed, educated and full of possibility.
Project Wildsong, which was Founded by Kimmi, is an organization that is “dedicated to the support and promotion of Wildlife Conservation efforts throughout North America, and beyond… centered on three objectives: Education, Collaboration, and Conservation”.  Kimmi and her staff spend hours on the road with the Wolves, heading to different venues and educating people around the globe about the importance of North American Keystone Predators (Kimmi also works with Bears, Lynx, Tigers and more).
Kimmi and Fell where in the area for a “Meet and Greet” at Top Dog Barkery in Newport Beach. Meet and greets allow people to expose themselves to creatures form the Wild, and to learn about the crucial role they play in our environment. Since Wolves are Keystone Predators (which means they are extremely vital to the ecosystem and necessary for the Wild to exist); it is important for people to understand how crucial these animals are to our survival.
As Kimmi and I were finishing up, two young girls- Jane Jenkins and Katherine Gill, came up to the table where we were sitting. They had specifically come to meet Fell, and knew who he was as soon as they laid eyes on him. I was moved to speak with them about their connection to Wolves, and got screeches of excitement about how amazing and “cool” these creatures are.
When I noticed that both girls had put on their Wolf costumes, I asked to take a picture, which prompted me to speak with Katherine’s father for permission to include them in this newsletter.

I was thrilled to learn that both these young ladies are committed to learning about, exploring and partaking in the conservation of Wolves, and have had quite an affinity for these animals from a very young age. I was also deeply moved by the girls parents for allowing them to explore their connection to the Wild, and for taking the time out to bring them to meet the unforgettable Fell.
As Woman As Wolf strengthens its bonds with the leaders in Wolf Conservation, we are also deeply moved and impressed by the examples of dedication from the younger generation. I am so inspired by the enthusiasm and spirit of both Jane and Katherine, and I am so grateful for the work of Kimmi Kraus, that today I feel that the future of Wolves is truly in good hands.
Thank you for all you do Kimmi and Project Wildsong. And thank you to the ‘Little Wolves,’ Katherine, Jane, and of course, Fell!
You make the world a beautiful place.
We Love You!
The WAW Pack
Woman as Wolf is dedicated to preserving the Wild.

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