The Wolf Moon


Mother of Nature talks with her kin,
Stone Person,
Wild Flower,
and Wolf are her friend.

~ Jamie Sams, The 13 Original Clan Mothers

Greetings, Sister.

It has been some time since WAW has peered Her head out of the den. With Winter’s snow and darkness, we have been bundling up and resting with the season.

As we welcome the 1st Full Moon of the year, which happens to be the Wolf Moon, we are beginning to rub the sleep from our eyes as the bright Sun begins to shine again. January’s Full Moon is known as the Wolf Moon because it is said that in January, Wolves would come to the indigenous villages and howl at the Moon because they were so hungry. As we arise from Winter’s deep sleep, it is expected that we would crave nourishment in our bellies. Yet, some of us have felt this hunger in many forms, not just physically. The Winter’s Belly grumbles for food of the Soul-filled kind.

This got WAW thinking…

What are you hungry for?

With the New Year, there is always a list of new ideas, new projects and new ways of being. Often, what starts out as an exciting and goal-filled year, ends up being an overwhelming year full of regret and should- haves. When I first sat down to consider what I wanted to bring into 2016, a million ideas buzzed about. Like fireflies in night sky, I tried to catch each of these idea and contain them in the jar of my mind. Yet, no matter how hard I focused, nothing was speaking to my Heart. Not one of those perfect words or phrases I had chosen even touched the Soul of my Womb.

So I waited.

I sat in silence while everyone shared their ‘word’ or ‘phrase’ for 2016 on social media. I must admit, some were tempting to use as my own. Others felt forced and completely off my mark.

But my Womb kept asking for my patience. ‘Shhhh,’ SHE said.

And so I waited.
And waited.

And finally, SHE spoke.

And I listened like never before. I listened like my life depended on it, because it does. And I realized that my hunger has long been present, masked by quick fixes and fast dreams. I have been starving, craving, thirsting and longing…

To Follow Through.

The Ancient Seeds of Forgotten Dreams had been planted long ago, yet I never followed through with watering them. I didn’t tend the soil or cultivate the land. I left them there, buried away. And I never looked back.

But now SHE, the One Who Speaks, has spoken. And I will listen like the villagers listen to the Wolves. With honor and reverence, humility and patience. I will listen to the cries of my Womb, as my hunger is as strong as the Wolves. And I will follow through.

May your Womb be heard, Sister.

~Amy Jones

We Love You!
The WAW Pack


2 thoughts on “The Wolf Moon

  1. Thank u Amy
    I too appreciate the follow through on long ago dreams, forgotten, buried, scattered and unwatered.
    This is a wonderful reminder.
    Love u


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