On Fear of Wolves

Dear Sister,

Some of you have had questions and expressed concern regarding your safety around the Wolves, and in particular, our ‘personal encounter’ as a group with a Wolf. I am here to help ease your Hearts and Minds, and answer any and all questions you may have.

I will start by saying, your safety as well as the safety of the Wolf is of the utmost importance. That being said, all kinds of emotion may arise: excitement, awe, fear, gratitude, expectation, joy, etc. All feelings are allowed! This is a HUGE experience!!!
Know that our encounter will be with an Ambassador Wolf. What is an Ambassador?
 “These are specially trained and socialized ‘working’ animals with an extremely important job:  to represent their species and help promote conservation and better understanding.” (from Ironwood Wolves)
That means that the Wolf we will be spending time with is used to being around humans.
However, this is still a Wild animal, and EVERYTHING is on their terms. The Sanctuary Staff will give us a full rundown of what to do,what not to do and how to allow the Wolf to approach. We will all be together for this, as a group. If any Woman is feeling anxious or unsure, we will support you in what is coming up, and you will never be asked to move past your comfort zone. You are always welcome to step aside or go back into the house, as we will have the encounter at the Retreat Center.
(For those of you that attend the Retreat, you will need to sign a WAW Release of Liability From.)
Once our encounter ends, we will have integration time, followed up with circling as a group to allow for feedback and sharing.
Remember, Sisters! We are in this together!
I have included a picture of a dear Sister and her encounter with an Ambassador Wolf. May this fill you with JOY.

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