Welcome Sisters.

This is for YOU.

Woman as Wolf is a sacred space in which we will bridge the roads between women and explore our Wild, Spectacular Feminine. A place where we can be our Selves; diving into what makes us uniquely divine, while finding the thread of Oneness that keeps us all connected.

Woman as Wolf is also a means of communicating the importance of the sacred connection Women have to Wolves, and how imperative Wolf existence is to our own. We offer retreats that provide a space for Women to interact with Wolves, deepening the innate connection we have to these phenomenal creatures, while strengthening the Sacred Bond Women have with each other. Women united are a powerful light to behold. Women with Wolves are unstoppable.

Dive in Sister. Journey. Behold. Bear Witness. This is where it Begins. This is where it Ends.
We are the Alpha and the Omega.


Amy_Bio_Pic  Amy Jones PTP, CMT

Amy’s journey with wolves began long before she can remember. Full of dreams and visions of a deep bond with these phenomenal creatures, it wasn’t until Amy was about 12 years old that she was able to physically see a wolf for the first time. This was at Wolf Haven in Washington.
Amy remembers being there for the night howl and wanting nothing more than to be on the other side with the Wolves; she wanted to be “home.” As time passed, and life set in, Amy put her connection to Wolves aside and lived with a quiet, stifled passion hidden in plain sight.
During what she calls the “Healing of the Shadow,” Amy explored Energy Medicine, bodywork, teaching and writing. This opened many doors to a community of people, in particular women, whom were seeking not just healing, but also a bond that went deeper than the commonalities of everyday life.
In 2012, Amy began teaching workshops and classes that focused on the empowerment of women through body awareness, energetic exercises and sound meditation. Though fulfilling, there was still an emptiness in Amy’s heart that felt unexplainable. This was when the Wolves came to her in the dream time, and Amy knew that it was time to bridge the Wild in Woman to the Wild in Wolf.
With the help and encouragement of her dear friend, Atourina Charles, Woman as Wolf was formed. A platform for women to connect, WAW is dedicated and proactive in removing the myths around Women and Wolves through education, interaction and involvement.
On her off time of wild adventure, Amy can be found writing, teaching or designing jewelry for her up-cycle company, 13Lazarus.


IMG_1087  Atourina Charles

Originally an artist, Atourina has moved through her personal evolution with grace. In 2004 she attained a certificate in massage therapy at the Los Angeles Vocational Institute, where she and Amy met and instantly became friends. Through the years her role as a body worker has seen many iterations and she currently only works with private clients out of her own space.
Creating art has weaved itself in and out of her story and currently Atourina is selling her latest works at her esty shop, wild fig leaf.com.
Both food and gathering with women have been common practice for Atourina from a young age. Growing up in an ethnic home, her main duties in the kitchen were prepping food, preparing tea and arabic coffee for guests, who were mainly her mother’s girlfriends. Her mother often read coffee grounds and would rely on Atourina to make out the small images in the coffee cups while she would translate the meaning to her eager friends. The contents of the dishes where secondary to the gathering and the ritual, that being said, the food was nothing short of delectable.
As an adult she found her own circle of women and they would gather, ritual, share food and hold space for one another. These were women to celebrate with and trust. Women that would lend a shoulder to cry on when experiencing growing pains and give advice when needed, these were sisters. Blessed with the experiences to gather in ceremony with women from a young age, it has given Atourina the opportunity to see women as self-reflections.
Presently, Atourina resides in Austin, Texas with her husband Ashley and cat Freeway. She is expanding her knowledge in women’s nutrition, with an emphasis on healthy hormones through plant-based foods. Her food blog is due to launch in Spring of 2015.

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