How To Be A Friend.

“Breaking up is hard to do. In fact, for some, it is worse than someone dying. This is true for me, and surely, somewhere down the pipeline of your life, this was true for you.”

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On Fear of Wolves

Dear Sister, Some of you have had questions and expressed concern regarding your safety around the Wolves, and in particular, our ‘personal encounter’ as a group with a Wolf. I am here to help ease your Hearts and Minds, and answer any and all questions you may have. I will start by saying, your safety as […]

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The Wolf Moon

Mother of Nature talks with her kin, Stone Person, Wild Flower, and Wolf are her friend. ~ Jamie Sams, The 13 Original Clan Mothers Greetings, Sister. It has been some time since WAW has peered Her head out of the den. With Winter’s snow and darkness, we have been bundling up and resting with the […]

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Seeing Red

Dear Sister, Several years ago I had a dream where I was walking alongside my Sister in the desert and, in the distance, saw something move. When I realized what it was, I started running towards it, and the Wolf, in turn, ran towards me. I could hear my Sister’s voice in the background, begging me to be careful, as the […]

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